The living walls


Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA

So imperfectly perfect. Just like you and me.

Take the time to unplug


This past weekend I made a conscious effort to detach a bit. It wasn’t that hard for me but I wasn’t perfect at it either. I grabbed my book instead of my phone, we built a puzzle together as a family rather than take turns on electronics and we took a walk along the beach even though it is still winter.


Lately being online has felt draining and while I enjoy keeping up with friends and family over social media, reading interesting articles and looking up new recipes, I found that it was all taking a toll on me mentally as well. It was time for a little detox and something I think I will do more regularly now, for myself, and encourage my family as well.


I will go to my cookbooks and magazine clippings for recipes, start on that pile of books I picked up at a garage sale and pick up the phone to call my family and friends to check in. It won’t be done everyday and it won’t look perfect, but with a rhythm it will become more natural.