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Garrano Basso, Abruzzo, Italia

And sometimes, I just don’t want to think. I want to become part of what surrounds me and not think of how or why I got there. Was I a deep breath, did I seep in through the holes, was I taken in bit by bit or swallowed whole?

Sometimes I just want to blend, not disturb, not stand back and think. Be part of the flow, the gentle waves lapping in the moonlight or the rough waters crashing into the rocks. Be a part of whatever it is that surrounds me and just be.

Truly spectacular Alberobello


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Alberobello, Puglia, Italia

Another town on the list to visit this summer is Alberbello, about an hour drive north of Mesagne. The drive can either cut through small towns, olive groves and farms or run straight up the autostrada along the Adriatic Coast. Not bad either option in my opinion. We’ve been plenty of times before but try to make this trip every other year and so this year would be our year to visit. The kids love this town and what’s not to love!?!

The name of the town is translated to “beautiful tree” and is famous for the little cone-shaped roof buildings, called Trulli houses, trickling throughout the countryside and inside the town. They have a cylinder base bright white in color and then topped with various shades of grey stones to make up the cone roof. Some buildings have been converted into restaurants, stores and even cute little b&bs. While some of the buildings are plain along their roofs, others are adorned with various symbols – a heart, a cross, or a sun are some of the common roof decor you might see.


Such a charming little town and a great way to spend a day while in Puglia. Great little shops to visit with homemade liquors to taste, meats and cheeses to sample and handmade linens. Restaurants boast some of Puglia’s finest olive oil, fish and pasta dishes, you will not leave this town hungry.


A special place to me as I frequented the town as a child, later adult and now with my own children. Watching them run up the tiny little streets, oohing and ahhing at the souvenirs, tasting the yummy food and enjoying a gelato in the hot summer sun. Sounds like the perfect day trip to me!



black and white


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Mesagne, Puglia, Italia

I love my photos of Italy. Each one speaks to me and brings back a memory, a feeling of walking and trying to preserve it all with my lens. I love the vibrant colors of the sea with the waters lapping at the sand, the sun rising over the waves and the colorful beach umbrellas in the horizon. I love the olive groves and farms spanning as far as the eye can see, the greens of the trees meeting the blue of the sky intermingled with the snow white clouds. The tiny alleys with their plants, cobblestone and tendas (door coverings). The iron of the gates against the bright colors of the walls.

But sometimes I like things in black and white too. The zoning out of colors, capturing only the shadows and illuminating the lines. I like to see things just as they are sometimes not confused by bright colors and noise. At times you only need the texture of an image, not the colors, to allow you to absorb the moment and take it for what it is. To see the plainness, to see what is really there, what might be hiding behind flash, bold and bright.

Sometimes I like to not be distracted and see the world for how it really is.

all in knots


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Porto Cesareo, Puglia, Italia

Learn to embrace the beauty in not having it all together. Not being perfect, not being as fit as you’d like to be, not living up to an expectation set years ago. The chaos of life, your life, is part of the bigger picture, let it in, see it for what it is. There are some things you have to learn to let go and others you accept as part of who you are, because they are a part of you, they are beautiful, they are meant to be.

Not healthy enough, not smart enough, not concerned enough. The list goes on and is particular to each of us. Enough is enough. Some nots are a part of us and make us who we are. Some we control and some we cannot.