“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” – Giuseppe Verdi




Mesagne, Puglia

Always thinking, over analyzing, sorting and figuring out. The mind is full, heart and hands heavy with a weight sometimes seen and sometimes not. Juggling is a necessary requirement as is the need for another set of hands. The song from Les Miserables comes to mind sometimes. Not fighting a revolution just a battle within myself.

“Turning, turning, turning through the years. Minutes into hours and hours into years.”

finding calm


As a mother, I have had to learn to soothe my children from infancy. Trouble sleeping, upset stomachs, learning to share are just a few of the day to day that has given me the opportunity to reflect on my child’s needs and how best to move forward. They are older now but still require guidance in certain areas of their lives that give them discomfort. That is to be expected as I am an adult and some days I need to sit back and reflect on how best to calm myself in any given situation. They have been a reminder to me that we are always changing and shifting, broadening our abilities and teaching ourselves something new.

My something new in recent years has been my mind and body’s reaction to nature. I have always known on the good that comes from being outdoors, but embracing it all over again with my kids has really opened my eyes to its benefits. Whether it’s being outdoors for a few minutes, taking a long walk or bringing nature indoors to share my space, all have had a positive effect on my mood. My kids enjoy being outdoors in nature whether it’s just the backyard or going to a park and the flush in their cheeks from running outdoors or collecting stones from the ground says a lot to how this helps their moods. After a day at school of sitting and learning in one way, I’m happy to send them outdoors to learn in another fashion too.

A little layering goes a long way. 


Cocooning myself up during these late winter days. Enjoying the comfort but also looking forward to the warmth from the sun alone when I can shed some layers. Embracing the chill while it lingers because I know soon it will be just a memory.