If all our wishes were to come true, would we still be happy?


one way


Mesagne, Puglia

I love the one way signs in Italy. Senso Unico A blue background with white arrow and bold letters. Simple and succinct.

It makes me think about how while driving it makes perfect sense to have certain roads be one way, but in life it’s rare to find just one way to go about things. There’s a great quote by Friedrich Nietzsche: “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”

Something to think about as we go about our days and lives. Sometimes quick to think about the words and actions of others, how those words and actions might impact our lives and why we let them impact them or choose to not be touched by them.



Be near to that which brings you JOY!

A thought that seems easy to live. Simply stated – be near joy. Something that brings a smile to your heart. Anything that gives you a sense of peace. What makes you feel calm, content and complete.

For me, it’s many things throughout my house, items of sentimental value that allow a memory to unfold in me. Perhaps something that is comforting to my body or my mind. Things that I crave that nourish my soul. Nature – flowers, outside whether it be near the trees, the hills or the sea.

I hold close to me the times that I have truly smiled and I know what it is that has brought that smile to my face. Maybe it is an object that I cherish. Maybe it’s something simpler and just the breeze.


take your time


Spring took its sweet time arriving to the East Coast this year. We would see it one day, maybe two in a row and then it seemed as if it may snow again. That is not an exaggeration either. It was frustrating, it was tiring and it contributed negatively to our moods.

Now that it seems as if Spring has finally arrived and will stay for a decent amount of consecutive days, I think that sometimes it does me good to be reminded to take my time. Not to rush through my hours, my days, my weeks. Take my time with my children, my family and my friends. Not to be quick about getting to the next appointment in my schedule or flying through my commitments.

I always say that it seems to be flying. Life is moving so fast. Whether we want it to or not, it’s not stopping for anything or anyone and we move along in the steady stream of things to do and places to be and people to see. Life, activity, appointments are all well and fine to have, some can not be helped. But it’s important for me to remember that as with Nature it’s going to be ok if I take my time with my life. It’s going to happen whether I race through it or take it with ease. I’m going to try to be more aware to take it as it comes and not rush it along.  I’m going to be more like Spring this year – take my time, embrace the sun when I receive it and enjoy the constant movement of my life.



sometimes all i need is 30 minutes with my camera and Mother Nature. to distance myself, to center myself. soak up the sunshine, cool breeze and enjoy the wonder at my fingertips.