“To thine own self be true”


Fall has arrived!


Although the first day of Autumn occurs in September, October for me is the true arrival of Fall. September is crazed with back to school shenanigans and getting schedules organized that I don’t have time to appreciate it right away. Cue October.  The Mid-East temperatures are usually more Fall-like, flip flops can be put away and light jackets brought out again. There is that perfect chill in the morning air. Pumpkin flavored anything and everything line the shelves at the market and the coffee shops. Halloween is in full blossom in storefronts, front yards and on the minds of little kids everywhere.

I like to begin each new season with a bucket list. Something simple nothing too outlandish but just something to welcome the new season.

Just a few from my list for this new season:

  1. Bake a new-to-me pumpkin recipe – I’m thinking scones!
  2. Fall foliage photography – necessary for the crazed photog in me
  3. Visit a new farm or orchard for fresh vegetable or apple picking
  4. Apple Cider! Completely forgotten the rest of the year, but I’d like to find a hot apple cider recipe to go with s’mores one night.
  5. Pumpkin Pie – one for me and one for you. Surprise a friend with a fresh pumpkin pie – whipped topping included!

Happy Fall!


natural art


Mesagne, Italy

Embracing nature and the art it can present to us.


Pizza Pizza


I’ve been on a roll with my pizza game if I do say so myself. Everyone is loving it and no one has asked to order pizza in awhile. Win! Once I felt as if making my own dough seemed intimidating and a daunting, laborious task.  It’s not. Once I did it a few times, enjoyed the pizza and loved the smiles on the kids faces, I was hooked and wanted to do it again. I try to make homemade pizza weekly to keep me on my game and will set aside dough for the kids to make their own pizzas which they love doing too. What kid doesn’t love getting messy with food?


a few of my favorite things…


I can’t help but want to surround myself with simple little pleasures everyday. I need to take enjoyment in something as simple as making a cup of tea, baking up some homemade cookies and reading a good book. Being able to incorporate something so simple yet fulfilling helps to focus on my interests. Also, helps to make an extra batch of cookies for the kids too.



Mint to be



Market Day


Wednesdays are when the market comes to town in Mesagne. Clothing, household items, shoes and produce are sold from very early in the morning to about mid-day – depending on the heat and sales of course. My favorite part of the market has always been the produce though. Direct from the nearby farms, the fruits and vegetables are as tasty as they are beautiful. Rich in color and aroma, these are the tables that call to me each time to not only snap up some pictures, but to chat with the merchants and of course, help the economy. One peach at a time.