The trabocco or trabucco.  A structure, built mostly from wood, that allows fishermen to fish without having to go out to sea. These buildings dot the Adriatic Sea and are mostly characteristic to the Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia regions. They look rickety and that a light wind might blow them over but they are sound and have been a presence in Italy since the 18th century. While most are still used for fishing, some have been converted into restaurants and now are a stop for many visiting the Adriatic Sea.






Everyone should experience a sunrise.

I love getting up to watch the sun rise. Watch dark turn to light. The rays stretching their arms through the clouds and the trees. The way everything that catches the light sparkles and glistens with the morning dew. I sometimes have to remind myself to breathe caught in these moments of a new day.



“Everything you can imagine is real” – Pablo Picasso

Dream big, set goals, hold yourself accountable. A little reminder, now and then, that you love what you do never hurts either.

Practice self love


“be so full that even if they take and take and take…you can still be overflowing”

– alison malee

I do this thing nearly every time I go to Trader Joe’s and I buy myself flowers. Our local store has the floral section just as you enter and immediately I walk over to make my decision. Will it be my usual sunflowers or hydrangeas? Maybe they will have camomilla flowers in or even peonies. This time it was the dried lavender that drew me in and I had to add to my purchases.  It made me smile.

It made me smile to think of how the lavender makes me think to this past summer when the kids and I were visiting San Giovanni Rotondo in Puglia and our hotel was surrounded by lavender bushes. We watched as the bees whisked through the bushes and we ran our fingers through the stems to let the perfume linger longer. It made me smile thinking of this tiny hilltop town in Italy that this one house decorates it’s wooden shutters with hanging dried lavender, the effect is sort of magical.

Adding this $4.99 bouquet to my shopping list makes me happy. Placing the lavender in different parts of the house, taking in their perfume and seeing this simple flower makes me smile. For the memories it evokes and for the simple gesture of doing something for myself. You can practice self love in so many ways, what is your favorite way?

Let it go


“Autumn is about showing us how beautiful it can be to let things go”

I love the change of seasons and consider myself fortunate to live in a part of the world where I can witness Spring becoming Summer, Summer shifting into Autumn, Autumn giving way to Winter and finally Spring breaking through again.  I’m not sure who said the above quote first but I think about it every Autumn in particular though you could say the same for any season. But in Fall, the beauty in allowing the things that are weighing you down to just fall gracefully from your shoulders, your arms, your hands really speaks to me.

Learning to let things go seems like such a natural and instinctual concept but it’s not always a simple maneuver. Things matter to us, however big or small they may seem to others, and we hold onto them. We hold onto them for different reasons – sentimental value, principle, beliefs, treasures, it could be anything really. We hold onto objects, feelings, moods, behaviors, because it’s easier I think. Letting it go can be a work in progress and not as simple as feeling the wind blow in to take it away from us.

Sometimes I feel like I am becoming better at doing away with the things in my life that weigh me down. I turn the other cheek, I let it go in one ear and out the other, I just simply do not care to waste the time or energy anymore on whatever it is. But then sometimes, things get trapped in and wiggle their ways into my system and almost seems impossible to extract them and be rid of them.

I am reflecting on why I allow some things to go so naturally, like the leaves falling from the trees while others stay stuck tight no matter how hard the wind blows or the rain falls. Does it have to be all or nothing? Can’t I just hold on a little while longer and wrap myself in the blanket of leaves that refuse to leave my shoulders? It has to be all. I have to shed this layer so that come Spring, new buds emerge and make me whole again.

embrace change


Early Autumn

Appreciating the chill in the air after a long, hot summer. The need for an extra layer around my shoulders bringing warmth that the wind won’t give me. Taking in the new colors that call to me from the trees above and fallen leaves below. Thinking ahead to cozy sweaters, warm soup and hot tea before bed. Embracing the new season and happily moving forward.