Porto Cesareo, Puglia

Sunset is one of my favorite colors.


take your time


I hear and read about it often. We are living in the age of distraction. Too many things occupy our minds, flood our thoughts and drown our days away. There is always something that needs to be done immediately and someplace that we need to be right now. You see it on the road to where ever you are headed, in line at the stores and even just pumping gas in your car. We are so consumed with distraction.

We crave this need to be busying our minds in all moments, with anything and everything that can invade our senses and at all costs. Life is busy, very busy. We make it that way for ourselves for the most part, constantly saying “yes” when we should be saying “maybe, but not now”.  We run, don’t walk and not take notice of things around us. Have we really forgotten how to just take our time?

It’s so easy to set limits for ourselves, they take time to slide into our overactive lives but we should give them a chance nonetheless. We need to learn to take a deep breath, hold it in for a second or two and then release slowly. We need to learn to embrace the space within us and around us, to live each moment without overfilling it to the point where we don’t appreciate it. To take our time living our lives.

some of my favorite things


Yes, raindrops on roses. Of course. Raindrops on anything. I love how the little droplet pools up, sometimes spills over and floats away. Then sometimes the raindrop just remains, as if it has become tied down.