speckled walls


Castelli, Abruzzo

And red flowers hanging, wooden shutters painted my favorite green and that lantern. Some of my favorite things about Castelli that you can’t bring home with you.


The trabocco or trabucco.  A structure, built mostly from wood, that allows fishermen to fish without having to go out to sea. These buildings dot the Adriatic Sea and are mostly characteristic to the Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia regions. They look rickety and that a light wind might blow them over but they are sound and have been a presence in Italy since the 18th century. While most are still used for fishing, some have been converted into restaurants and now are a stop for many visiting the Adriatic Sea.





Abruzzo, Italy

I’m reminded of where my focus ought to be when I see a sunflower. In their perfect condition, when they bloom and flourish, sunflowers turn their bright petals towards the sun, towards the light. They stand tall almost with a strong posture and gaze. No, they don’t gaze, they focus. They focus in the direction of the sun, gaining their strength from its energy.

Just like a sunflower, I am reminded of my own stance. My stance I take upon waking in the morning, on facing my day and how I will focus the energy I receive. What will I do with it? Will I curl up and wither away? Or will I stand tall, strong in my purpose and provide whatever light I have within me to shine out?

Appreciating gray


Abruzzo, Italy

Not everyday is going to be bright. Sometimes the sun’s rays won’t seep through the break in clouds. The greens of the grass won’t illuminate under a crystal blue sky and the petals on the flowers will not shimmer in the sun. It might seem as if the clouds will never again clear away, they will grow thinner at times to a light grey and other times they are as black as night. It is as if you are surrounded in a fog, shrouded in a grey cloak and you can’t seem to shake the veil from your eyes.

On these days, appreciate the grey. The way you breathe in the air around you, take it into your body and release any color you were holding onto. Your eyes won’t strain at the light. Instead they will be free to roam, to seek, to eventually need this time of colorless wonder. Envelope yourself in the blacks, the whites and the greys. You know the sun will shine again in all its splendor. Grasp the grey sky with your hands, hold it close and let it remain within you.