some of my favorite things


Yes, raindrops on roses. Of course. Raindrops on anything. I love how the little droplet pools up, sometimes spills over and floats away. Then sometimes the raindrop just remains, as if it has become tied down.




Be near to that which brings you JOY!

A thought that seems easy to live. Simply stated – be near joy. Something that brings a smile to your heart. Anything that gives you a sense of peace. What makes you feel calm, content and complete.

For me, it’s many things throughout my house, items of sentimental value that allow a memory to unfold in me. Perhaps something that is comforting to my body or my mind. Things that I crave that nourish my soul. Nature – flowers, outside whether it be near the trees, the hills or the sea.

I hold close to me the times that I have truly smiled and I know what it is that has brought that smile to my face. Maybe it is an object that I cherish. Maybe it’s something simpler and just the breeze.




sometimes all i need is 30 minutes with my camera and Mother Nature. to distance myself, to center myself. soak up the sunshine, cool breeze and enjoy the wonder at my fingertips.