“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit            and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”



it ain’t over til I say so


The holidays are officially over. Christmas cookie tins are basically empty unless you count a handful of loose crumbs. We are only one ornament less this year thanks to children getting bigger and a kitten received just days before Christmas and not realizing what a Christmas tree is with all those fun things hanging from it. And said trees (we put up two) are nestled away for another 11 months. House looks slightly empty.

But with putting things in their place comes also appreciating the space we have and the value of simplicity and order. We might still be stepping on toys and crayons, but we won’t get tangled up in wrapping paper or ribbon. But the post-holiday gloom is only temporary and allows me some clear thinking and the free space is a welcome. I embrace the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and all its crazy glory. The calm after the storm embraces me.

a new day


“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

And like that, it’s 2019.

The holidays were a gorgeous blur of decorating, baking, Christmas activities, family and friends. We had a holly jolly time decking our halls and rocking around the house to the ever present Christmas tunes. I love seeing the twinkle in the eyes of everyone in the spirit and witnessing magic all around me. There was no snow for us this year but there was stardust in the air.

So forgive me if January 2nd rolls around and I’m less than thrilled about having to box those feelings up for another 11 months. I’d leave the twinkle lights up year round and hum “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” during the summer. But then would I tire of it come December 1st? A risk I’m not willing to take because I love getting into the spirit of Christmas, the kids nipping at my heels to decorate every inch of the house, bake endless cookies and turn up “All I want for Christmas is you” for the 100th time.

Making the most of the Christmas season is much like making the most of any day throughout the year. From sunrise to sunset, you have so much time to accomplish all that you set forth for yourself. Imagine if I placed all this Christmas spirit energy into each day of the year!


The trabocco or trabucco.  A structure, built mostly from wood, that allows fishermen to fish without having to go out to sea. These buildings dot the Adriatic Sea and are mostly characteristic to the Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia regions. They look rickety and that a light wind might blow them over but they are sound and have been a presence in Italy since the 18th century. While most are still used for fishing, some have been converted into restaurants and now are a stop for many visiting the Adriatic Sea.





Everyone should experience a sunrise.

I love getting up to watch the sun rise. Watch dark turn to light. The rays stretching their arms through the clouds and the trees. The way everything that catches the light sparkles and glistens with the morning dew. I sometimes have to remind myself to breathe caught in these moments of a new day.