speckled walls


Castelli, Abruzzo

And red flowers hanging, wooden shutters painted my favorite green and that lantern. Some of my favorite things about Castelli that you can’t bring home with you.




Mesagne, Puglia

Always thinking, over analyzing, sorting and figuring out. The mind is full, heart and hands heavy with a weight sometimes seen and sometimes not. Juggling is a necessary requirement as is the need for another set of hands. The song from Les Miserables comes to mind sometimes. Not fighting a revolution just a battle within myself.

“Turning, turning, turning through the years. Minutes into hours and hours into years.”


The trabocco or trabucco.  A structure, built mostly from wood, that allows fishermen to fish without having to go out to sea. These buildings dot the Adriatic Sea and are mostly characteristic to the Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia regions. They look rickety and that a light wind might blow them over but they are sound and have been a presence in Italy since the 18th century. While most are still used for fishing, some have been converted into restaurants and now are a stop for many visiting the Adriatic Sea.





Everyone should experience a sunrise.

I love getting up to watch the sun rise. Watch dark turn to light. The rays stretching their arms through the clouds and the trees. The way everything that catches the light sparkles and glistens with the morning dew. I sometimes have to remind myself to breathe caught in these moments of a new day.